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Hints to help you decide


We get it. There's a lot of questions you want answered before you decide to make contact and commit yourself to any particular entertainer. We want to try to make sure you know as much as possible before you commit yourself, so that when you do, you already feel comfortable that Gabrielle is right for you.  Here are answers to some questions we came up with. If you have some of your own, please contact us to let us know.

So how can a solo performer sound like a full band?


Well, it's all about the quality of the backing music.  Gabrielle adds her rich and powerful vocals to professionally produced backing tracks.  These come from a variety of sources and represent the best available arrangement of each track. This means she can offer you a more affordable experience, yet if you close your eyes you would think the whole band is there with her.

Can Gabrielle perform for both my ceremony and reception?


Should'nt be a problem.  She will arrange with you what songs you would like for your ceremony and will set up her equipment in harmony with the environment.  If you are holding your ceremony in an outdoor environment where power is not available (park, gardens, the beach, etc.) she will use her self-contained amplified sound equipment to provide both the backing music and her vocals.  She will make sure that the sound at your reception is prepared, and as long as she has enough time to return to the reception then there should be no problem.

We have our 'special' song.  Can Gabrielle sing it for us at our ceremony/reception?


Gabrielle's repertiore is so extensive because she has so many requests for songs.  In all likelihood yours is already in her repertiore.  if not, don't be deterred.  Gabrielle can arrange to perform almost any popularly produced song recorded in the last 60 years.  If you want a special instrumental arrangement in a different style to the original recording, that can be provided for an additional fee and with sufficient notice.

We would like something unique during our ceremony. What can you offer?


Gabrielle collabortes with a professional harpist.  Together, her rich vocals combine with the floating tones of the harp to create a sound that will send goose bumps through your guests.  They can prepare any special songs you would like for your ceremony.  Listen to the sample of 'Ave Maria Santa Maria' to listen for yourself.

We want to keep our wedding/event vibe up.  How many breaks will Gabrielle take?


Gabrielle is a seasoned performer and understands that when a live band or entertainer takes a long break, the atmosphere diminishes and guests can even end up leaving. There is not much more disappointing than watching your guests walk out of your event or stand around waiting while your hired entertainment take an inordinant break time.  To make sure your guests continue to celebrate your night with you, Gabrielle will not take any break during the first two hours. If your event is for more than two hours, she will take a strict 15 minute break after two hours.  So you can be assured that for a four hour event she will only be off stage for a total of 15 minutes, ensuring that your guests have the best experience possible.  During her breaks music of your choice can be played.

Can you help with anything else during our wedding/event?


Within reason, certainly.  A high quality cordless microphone is available for your use throughout the event. For a small additional fee, MC services can also be provided, so that you and your guests only have to worry about having a good time.

I like what I hear and see.  I want to go further.  What should I do next?


Simple.  Just use the contact form if you would like to make contact that way, or email or phone us directly.  We're happy to talk to anyone

at any time and provide whatever advice and assitance with their event that we can.  And if for some reason we think Gabrielle is not right

for you, we will not hesitate to let you know.  Gabrielle is a perfectionist, and nothing is more disappointing to her than a client who expected something other than what she could provide.  Wewant to make sure that you have exactly what you want for your event, and so we are happy to spend the time with you making sure of that before you commit yourself.  You want your event to be unforgettable for the right reasons, and so do we.  We will make sure you are comfortable engaging Gabrielle for your event so that when you decide to go ahead you have every confidence in what you can expect for your occasion.

Your prices are low for live entertainment. How do you do it?


A live band will always be expensive, because all members need to be paid, a lot of equipment has to be hauled around, and setting and packing up is time-consuming. As a solo performer, Gabrielle can price her entertainment in a similar bracket to that of a DJ, which opens up an exciting alternative to the traditional options of either an expensive live band or more affordable but bland recorded music. Her goal is to be able to offer her clients the atmosphere of live entertainment, the quality of real instrumentals, yet the affordability of a traditional DJ.

Do you charge for travel to my event?


That will generally depend on distance.  In general, metropolitan travel is included in the charge.  If the event is for less than 2 hours, or more than 30 minutes from Perth City centre, then a travel charge may apply.  As there are so many variables relating to locations and events, travel is best discussed as part of the total package for the event.

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