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Wedding Reception
Wedding Ceremony

Would you like something special as you walk down the aisle?  The special song that reminds you of the time you met, or your love for each other.  Gabrielle can perform that for you no matter where your ceremony is held.  With a choice of either a portable go anywhere sound system, or powerful PA arrangement, you can have the sound you want at the place you choose.  Prices start at $100 for a solo performance, in addition to the full package for the day.

Celebrate and rejoice in your special occasion with entertainment that you and your guests will remember for years to come.  After the ceremony it's time to celebrate with songs of your choosing in an atmosphere that only a live performer can offer.  Two hour performances including light and sound are available for as little as $300.  Three and four hour performances can be arranged and priced to suit whatever plans you have for your occasion.

Whatever your event, high quality live music will make sure your guests enjoy it. Don't waste your time and money hiring equipment and searching for music.  Gabrielle will consult with you to make sure your needs are clear, and will take the worry out of arranging music for your event.  A pricing package can be arranged that will suit both your plans and your budget.  Contact her to discuss your requirements and see if she is right for your event.

Parties, Functions & Corporate Events

Prices and Packages to suit your needs and your budget


Gabrielle will work with you to provide the right arrangement for your special occasion, whatever it may be. Pricing can include sound and light, to release you from hiring and dealing with equipment, and allowing you to get on with planning and enjoying your event. Vocals can be provided at both your ceremony and reception if you require.  You can choose your songs; arrange a theme; or just let Gabrielle guide you to make sure you get the music you want.

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