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Gabrielle will work with you

to make sure your special

day goes as planned


Recorded music is fine, for shopping malls or elevators.  But for your special event,  you and your guests deserve entertainment, not just sound. But a band can be expensive, and have a limited song list. Gabrielle combines

the atmosphere of live music with the extensive song list and affordability of recorded sound.


Gabrielle will work with you to

choose a package that fits your budget.  Have what you want yet can still afford.  Both ceremony

and reception performances can

be provided.  She has a band option with the 9-piece Dr Soul Band,

to offer even more versatility.

See her wedding package details.

'I See You' Live Version

"Gabrielle was amazing.  She sung both during our ceremony and afterwards at the reception. 
She gave our guests goosebumps when she sang
with the harpist”

Muriel Toulcannon, Perth

​Call Gabrielle to arrange a package just right for you
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